Having covered about Add-ons Manager UI and features in Firefox 4, let us take a look at how to uninstall add-ons in Firefox 4.

Uninstalling Add-ons in Firefox 4

1.Open add-ons manager from Firefox button>Add-ons

2.Click Extensions tab on the left side.

3.Select the add-on, click Remove to uninstall the add-on, restart if Firefox prompts.

uninstalling add-ons in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 does allow undo of uninstall of add-ons if you change your mind after uninstalling particular add-on you can still keep it by clicking “undo” button offered by Firefox.

Do you know Firefox 4 does support restartless add-ons if  you do install them you don’t need to restart your Firefox browser after uninstalling them much similar to in Chrome.