Good news for Firefox users, Firefox 4 supports restartless add-ons if you are using Firefox 4 beta you can try some restartless add-ons from Mozilla Add-ons gallery.These restartless add-ons can be installed,uninstalled ,disabled, enabled and upgraded without restarting Firefox.This is something exciting which you have experienced in Chrome, now you can try in Firefox 4 beta.

Older versions of Firefox does not support restartless add-ons, these add-ons can be called as Bootstrapped add-ons.If you are interested you can read how restartless add-ons work in Firefox written by Dave Townsend,works for Mozilla.

Restartless add-ons

According to Mozilla add-ons blog “  if you are running  beta of Firefox 4 ,you can install restartless add-ons written with new Add-ons SDK. In a nod to Mozilla Add-ons SDK’s original project name, we’re now automatically tagging restartless  add-ons with  “JetPack “ so that the adventurous can try them out”.

We have already covered  interesting restartless add-on for Firefox 4, you can try restartless add-ons for Firefox 4 beta here if interested.

There are overall 45 restartless add-ons available for Firefox 4 tagged as JetPack to try out , you can try any of them or even better try recently released McAfee Secure URL Shortener.