Have you installed Opera 11 alpha into your Computer or are you looking for Portable build of Opera 11, Opera has added portable install option to their new Opera installer to install Opera 11 to USB Drives.So you can try Opera 11 without installing Opera 11 alpha into your Computer.

If you don’t know Opera installer has got new features and it is completely different from MSI and classic installers.

Here is how to install Opera 11 to portable USB devices

1.Download the Opera 11 alpha build and  run it.

Opera 11 installer options

2.Click Options’  in Opera 11 Installer instead of clicking “Accept and Install”

3.Choose “External device “ to install and for install path show USB Drive by clicking Change.

Opera 11 installer has portable install option

4.Opera will copy all files to USB Drive and your Portable Opera 11 USB edition is ready. Via[Downloadsquad]