We know about Safari Reader and other extensions that bring similar kind of Reader to Google Chrome and Firefox to read articles in a clutter free view without any distractions, then how about reading full articles right from New Twitter from shared links ? interested ReadableTwitter extension for Chrome exactly does that for you as it shows full article on Twitter’s right sidebar.

read fuill article on twitter with readabletwitter

Readable Twitter pulls webpages from the shared links and strips out the ugly ads,and dangerous scripts and moreover ReadableTwitter displays the articles in easy to read,tidy manner.

ReadableTwitter turns your twitter account into a great link reader by extending the New Twitter’s right sidebar.

Another advantage of ReadableTwitter is you don’t need to leave twitter to read the article.With ReadableTwitter you can able to read any link shared on twitter.

ReadableTwitter currently supports

  • Pictures from img.ly and ImageShack.us
  • Slides from SlideShare.net
  • Videos from youku.com
  • Works https://twitter.com

ReadableTwitter extension for Chrome