Qwiki which in Alpha stage claims to turn information into experience.Qwiki brings a different way of presenting information for a topic which currently indexed over 2 million references includes places,monuments,celebrities,things.Enter a indexed term and Qwiki will offers suggestion for it, select it .Qwiki will generate information experience through visual presentation accompanied by real-audio narration.

Visual Presentation from Qwiki for a search term includes Maps, Movies,images ,animations, and much more. 


Qwiki defines it self  as world’ s first “ information experience” ,powered by technology that transforms static information into interactive stories.

Qwiki is currently in alpha and you can only try this through invite.We’ve got an invite.We tried some Qwikis and found Qwiki’s presentations includes information (including lot of  images) fetched from Wikipedia.

If you read about Taj Mahal ,Bing Search engine and Twitter in Wikipedia, Qwiki will generate presentation by summarizing Wikipedia article for topics like Taj Mahal ,Bing search engine and twitter.We’re not saying Qwiki is copy of Wikipedia content,but kind of like that .

Qwiki doesn’t itself included in 2 million indexed terms,funny searching for Qwiki doesn’t yield any presentation for you.

If you want to tell someone about a topic  in a quick 1 minute or less presentation ,Qwiki will generate  it for you.It’s like we’re prepared PowerPoint presentation about a topic and seeing through projector.

Btw Qwiki loads presentations much faster in Chrome than in Firefox as I observed.If you want to try Qwiki, you can request an invite from Qwiki website.