Printee extension for Chrome

It’s always difficult to print only text from a web page as web page contains ads,banners,images,sidebars and other cluttered stuff, Printee for Chrome which is already available as add-on for Internet Explorer is a web printing tool for Chrome allows to pick,edit, and print web page only you want, so no more need of copy and paste stuff to Word needed from webpages.

Once Printee is installed, its icon appears on Chrome’s toolbar.Printee provides the options to Edit & Print pages and to Reformat the pages.

Printee offers to apply various formats to text in webpage like eBook,Newspaper,Terminal,Novel formats.With Printee you can able to remove images, backgrounds and other unneeded clutter on page easily.

edit and print pages with printee for Chrome extension

Printee Chrome extension features

  • Condense any webpage  down to just the content you want, no anything useless
  • Reducing your paper and ink usage
  • What You See Is What You Get
  • Improve Readability of Web Page with key (Ctrl-Alt-G)

Install Printee extension for Chrome