If you have installed recently released AVG 2011 Antivirus in your computer ,if you are not satisfied with AVG 2011 you can uninstall AVG 2011 safely without any problems, here is how.

AVG 2011 uninstall

Uninstalling AVG Antivirus 2011 from your Computer

Click Start>All Programs >AVG 2011>Uninstall AVG 2011

Similarly you can uninstall AVG 2011 from Add or Remove programs in Control Panel.

Update : Use AVG Removal tool : If you have any problem in uninstalling AVG 2011  use AVG Removal tool [forget about the below tough task]

1.Download and save related latest AVG installation file (offline installer,from the links below)  to your Computer .

2.Run the AVG installation file ,AVG Installer windows appears.

uninstalling AVG 2011 antivirus

3.Choose “Remove” as option and click Continue and let AVG 2011 uninstaller do the rest.

4.Restart your Computer after uninstallation is completed.

  • AVG Antivirus s free edition 2011 offline installer (32-bit(64-bit)
  • AVG Antivirus 2011 offline installer (32-bit) (64-bit)
  • AVG Internet Security 2011 offline installer  (32-bit) (64-bit)