There are many free and paid applications available to extract images from PDF files do you know you don’t even require any application for that purpose as fully featured Nitro PDF Reader allows to easily save images from a PDF file to your Computer at specified location.

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Nitro PDF Reader does allows to save all images in PDF document as separate files to any folder or destination without modifying the original PDF file.

Extract images button in Nitro PDF Reader

Extracting images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader

1.Open Nitro PDF Reader, click Tasks tab click “Extract Images” shown in Create/Convert panel.

2.If PDF file already opened then Nitro PDF Reader automatically selects the path of file  and shows it as a source to extract images.

Other wise you need to use Browse button and navigate through the Explorer to select file and click Open.

3.Select Output Folder, here you have the options to save the images in desired BMP, JPG, TIFF or in PNG format.

extracting images from PDF file using Nitro PDF Reader

4.Click Extract button to complete the image extraction.