Facebook now allows to download your complete Facebook profile data in a Zip file to your Computer with single click.That downloaded file will be in HTML format for easier browsing.”Download your information” feature on Facebook will be rolling out to all users beginning  from today.

Download Your Information on Facebook

The doubt may comes to you why I should download my Facebook profile Facebook’s answer to this is user can download photos posted to Facebook when his hard drive with lot of photos saved being was crashed.

Downloaded Facebook file contains

  • Profile information
  • List of your friends
  • View your wall
  • Your photos albums
  • Your videos
  • Notes you have created
  • Events you have rsvp-ed ‘yes’ to
  • Inbox messages.

Before downloading your Facebook profile you need to verify your password,confirm your email address.

Downloading Facebook Profile to your Computer

Since this feature currently rolling out, if available to you here is how

  • Sign into Facebook,click Account menu>Account Settings
  • Click  “learn more” link of “Download your Information” setting, click Download
  • Facebook will email with download link to your Facebook profile file
  • You need to enter your password to confirm your identity and then download your Facebook data to your Computer. (via)