Direct2D is enabled by default in latest Firefox 4 beta as well as in its final version also, but there will be problems faced by users with GPU hardware acceleration turned on by default in the browser such as fonts do not render properly or text and graphics do not appear clearly, flash videos do not rendered properly as well. The solution to all these issues is to turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox, here is how.

Disabling Direct2D in Firefox 

1.From Firefox button, select Options menu >Options

2. Click ‘Advanced’ Tab, select ‘General’ tab under Browsing, uncheck for “Use hardware acceleration when available “.

turning off hardware acceleration in Firefox 4

3. Click ‘OK’ to Save the changes.

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Or you can also disable Direct2D in Firefox through about:config also.

  • Type about:config in address bar and press enter.
  • Click “I’ll be careful,I promise”
  • Type direct2d in Filter and set gfx.direct2d.disabled value to true (if its value already set to ‘true’, then you don’t need to change anything).

gfx direct2d disabled

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