Google Chrome features in Firefox 4

Lets kept stats aside for comparison between Firefox and Google Chrome, most of users say Chrome as their favorite browser instead of Firefox because of speed. Users using Firefox 4 beta may have noticed some Google Chrome features in Firefox 4 here are some I found.

Google Chrome features in Firefox 4

Paste & Go

When we copy selected text/URL Google Chrome provides the option for “Paste and Search” and “paste and go” options on omnibox right click menu .

Paste and go paste and search features of Chrome in Firefox 4

When you copy a specific URL Firefox 4 provides  “Paste&Go” option on right click menu of address bar.

Whenever you copy particular query to perform search from search bar Firefox 4 offers “Paste & Search” option on the search bar’s right click menu .Chrome’s Paste and Go, Paste and search features integrated into Firefox 4 address bar and search bar.

Unified Stop,Go and Reload button

In Google Chrome, stop and reload buttons are combined similarly in latest Firefox nightly builds go, reload and stop buttons are unified.

All-in-ine go,relaod and stop button in Firefox 4

Firefox uses same button for user to navigate to the website (go) , reload the page and to stop the page from loading.Though this is minor UI  improvement when compared to older version of Firefox where reload and stop buttons appears on left side of address bar .

Pinning tabs to tab strip

In Google Chrome you can able to “Pin a tab” which is called as ghost tab which saves space on the tab bar and also that tab doesn’t use any system resources.

Pin As App Tab is Pin Tab feature in Chrome

In Firefox 4 you can able to turn tabs into App Tabs and these tabs will be saved and stayed as permanent whenever you open Firefox.

Checking for Updates in about window

In Google Chrome you can manually check for updates by clicking About Google Chrome, similarly in Firefox 4 you can able to manually check for updates by clicking Firefox Menu button>Help> About Firefox (Minefield).

check for Firefox 4 updates in about window -chrome feature

Read Firefox 4 to mimic Google Chrome Update

Restartless add-ons

In Google Chrome extensions install doesn’t require restart,till now up to latest Firefox 3.6.10 version don’t support restartless add-ons, but Firefox 4 does.

Similar to Google Chrome you don’t need to restart Firefox to enable,disable,upgrade,install and to remove these type of extensions. You can try restartless add-ons in Firefox beta .

All modern browsers now shows tabs on top  by default so we couldn’t say Tabs on Top in Firefox 4 is Chrome’s feature .

Do you notice any Chrome feature in Firefox 4 beta or in latest nightly builds? share with us in comments.