Firefox 4 Beta 7 will soon be released,I am using latest Firefox 4 nightly build, except from few improvements and bug fixes Add-ons manager UI for Firefox 4 almost finished, we already covered about screenshots of  Add-ons Manager UI let us take a look at what Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager UI and features .

You can open Add-ons Manager from Firefox button>Add-ons or use Ctrl+Shift +a to launch it.

Add-ons Manager consists 4 categories

  • Get Add-ons
  • Extensions
  • Appearance
  • Plug-ins

Get Add-ons : This panel shows some featured and top add-ons and links to browse Firefox add-ons and Themes to customize Firefox browser.

Get add-ons panel

Extensions : Extensions panel will show list of all installed add-ons and options to disable and remove them.

extensions panel

Clicking “more” will show more information about individual add-on which includes brief description about add-on, author name,rating, Last updated time,options to turn on/off automatic updates  and options to disable or remove the add-on.

Appearance : This panel shows themes or personas you installed for Firefox.

Plug-ins : This panel shows list of plug-ins installed for the browser and clicking “more” will show more information about that plug-in and option to disable that plug-in.

plug-ins settings,search box in add-ons manager

Apart from above Add-ons Manager offers  settings to

  • check for updates to extensions,
  • view recent installed updates
  • option to install add-on from a file
  • By default Firefox 4 set to update add-ons automatically.

Search box in Add-ons Manager allows to search for installed add-ons.