Dubser Extension with unified interface allows Firefox users to have instant access to popular web services like search engines,dictionaries,social networking services and more.It allows to access these services in same active tab/window without need for opening in any other tabs and pop-up windows.

General search experience for a user

When you perform search for a query in search bar you need to leave the current page and search results will appear, you will click some links which results in more tabs in your browser and finally you’ll find answer you looking for in a page, you might close other tabs or leave them.

So to find answer for your question you made so many clicks,opened and closed so many browser tabs or used browser’s back/forward button lot of times.

Reasons to use Dubser Extension for Firefox

With Dubser Extension for Firefox you can able to access all popular search engines, dictionaries,social networking sites and translation services in in-browser window without leaving current site.Further more you can able to search for query with other search engines if you don’t find what you are looking with one search engine.

Dubser extension for Firefox enhances browsing and searching capabilities

You can open/close Dubser Window easily it doesn’t disturb you much like toolbars.

You can also use Dubser with PDF Readers or MS Office.

Dubser currently supports web-based services such as Google Search,Google Maps,Google Translate,Bing Search,Bing Translate,Wikipedia and Multilanguage dictionaries .

Dubser Extension helps you to

  • Improve your browser efficiency
  • Speed up your searching process
  • Perform many tasks easily in your browser
  • Collect your frequently used web services in one place.

Dubser available as Firefox extension, systray application for Windows XP and Windows Vista/7.

Install Dubser Extension for Firefox (works with Firefox 3.0-3.6)

P.S : Dubser opened as sidebar for me in Firefox instead of as in-browser window.