We’re getting feedback from a lot of users that AVG 2011 is slowing down their computers and they want to uninstall it and use other antivirus software or downgrade it to AVG 9.0. We’ve already covered how to uninstall AVG 2011 from your Computer from Control Panel, by that time, AVG 2011 remover utility wasn’t available, now AVG has released it. This tool completely removes AVG 2011 and prior versions from your Computer.

Download AVG Removal Tool

AVG Downgrader converts AVG Trial to Free Version

AVG 2011 Remover



AVG Remover eliminates all the parts of your AVG installation from your computer, including registry items, installation files, user files, etc. AVG Remover is the last option to be used in case the AVG uninstall / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.


All AVG user settings will be removed after the uninstall process is complete, as well as content from the Virus Vault and all other items related to AVG installation and use. You will be asked during the removal procedure to restart your computer. Therefore, please make sure to finish your work and save all important data prior to launching AVG Remover.

Using AVG 2011 Removal tool

1. Download AVG 2011 remover for (32-bit)

AVG 2011 remover for (64-bit)

2.  Save to your computer, run the tool and follow the instructions on the screen.