Don’t be surprised Google wants to wish happy birthday with a special doodle to every user, who have entered date of birth in their Google profile, so supposing today is your birthday, when you sign into your Google profile, a special doodle will appear on Google homepage, clicking on that doodle will show happy birthday wishes from Google on your profile page (check the screenshot below).

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Since I thought there are privacy issues with Google profile, I haven’t created one till now, today I tested by creating a profile for my Google account (I provided only my first and last name). I went ahead and selected “Contact Info” tab and for birthday chosen October as the month and date as today’s and clicked “save changes”.

What happened? Google started showing happy birthday doodle and some flare on the profile page. If you have fully filled your profile info, then Google’s special surprise doodle will appear on Google homepage supposing that you already signed into your Google profile.

Google's  birthday wishes for you

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So you can try this, to see special Google’s doodle for you and wishes from Google on its homepage, sign into  Google plus,visit Personal info in Account Settings Page > Edit Profile > Basic Information, click on ‘Edit’ and set your date of birth, save the changes and visit Google homepage.