New Tab Page in Google Chrome shows most visited and recently closed sections, though New Tab page allows to hide thumbnails in Most Visited section still page titles do appear under Most Visited section,and Recently Closed section also reveals some information what user had visited recently. This raises privacy concerns for users who share their computers, latest Google Chrome developer version allows to completely hide these sections on the New Tab Page.

permanently hide sections on the new tab page in Google Chrome

Actually older version of new tab page  allows to do this but New Tab Page has been redesigned  to accommodate Apps installed from upcoming Chrome Web Store in mind.As shortcut icons for web apps installed from Chrome Web Store will shown under Apps section on New Tab Page.

Google Chrome New Tab Page with Apps,Most Visited sections

Completely hiding Apps, Most Visited and Recently closed sections on New Tab Page

  • Hover over the right corner of “Most Visited” section header and click close button,that section disappears.
  • Most Visited section menu appears at the bottom of the window which allows to show that section again on the New Tab Page.

Similarly you can completely hide Apps and Recently Visited sections also.

Note :Make sure you have enabled bookmarks bar for Chrome.