Don’t think malwares only hijacks homepage and search configuration of browsers but these days trusted programs also are trying to change browser’s homepage and search engines without user’s consent.These programs installs toolbars as add-ons and changes user’s homepage and search engines,this is most annoying for any user so use BrowserProtect add-on to protect Firefox against homepage and search settings hijack.

IE 8 offers protection against from programs changing default search provider you won’t see this kind of security feature by default in Firefox, you can use BrowserProtect to protect Firefox’s homepage and search configuration from being hijacked.

BrowserProtect prevents Firefox's search and homepage settings hijack

We do install lot of programs, freeware and trial ones into our Computers though we download and install these from trusted websites these programs naming ICQ, Jookz, Babylon,ZoneAlarm,Incredimail and others try to get you using their homepage and search.

If you can’t protect your browser configuration from popular programs then how you are going to protect them from malware, BrowserProtect monitors your browser configuration against badware that tries to hijack homepage and search settings of browser and it does alert if any program tries to change Firefox homepage or search engine.

BrowserProtect works with Firefox 3.0 – 4.0b8 pre

Install BrowserProtect add-on for Firefox