As we covered status bar functionality has been moved to top in Firefox 4 and status bar has been replaced with Add-on bar for placement of Add-ons icons, one feature of status bar that every one doesn’t seem to like in Firefox 4 is displaying link destinations in location bar which obviously shown in status bar in older versions of Firefox, don’t worry Status-4-Evar extension brings Status bar functionality to Firefox 4.

status-4-Evar preferences

Ghacks reports that user may get confused with lack of status bar in Firefox 4 as they get used to view link destinations in the status bar and the space in the location bar shows URL is also not wide enough to display full URL.

In my opinion link destination URL is not clearly visible in location bar.

Status-4-Evar extension brings all status bar features to Add-on bar except for resize window control.

After installing Status-4-Evar extension from Firefox button>options>Toolbar Layout drag and drop Progress Meter,Download Status and Status Text icons to Add-on bar.That’s it you got the status bar functionality in Add-on bar.

bring back status bar functionality in Firefox 4

Install Status-4-Evar extension for Firefox 4

Make sure you enable Add-on bar from Firefox button.Every Firefox 4 user will know the importance of this extension after they use Firefox 4 without status bar.