Do you agree or deny there will lot of dead and duplicate bookmarks accumulated overtime in Google Chrome due to importing bookmarks from other browsers and of course Chrome Sync also plays part in that.Manually finding and remove duplicate and dead bookmarks in Chrome is tedious task.Though there are some free apps available for this ,Bookmark Sentry extension for Chrome checks for duplicate and bad links in Google Chrome bookmarks and shows report if found any and allows to remove them.

find and remove bad and duplciate links in chrome bookmarks with Bookmark Sentry

After installing this extension you can initiate scan by going through options of Bookmark Sentry,scan does take a while depends upon the number of bookmarks it has to scan.

You can able to perform separate scan for duplicate bookmarks only also by selecting “Duplicate scan only” for “Connection Scan” under its preferences.

Scan report shows problems and duplicates found as different groups. The bookmarks that are shown status text as “Not found” with status code 404 are safe to delete, for other errors you need to verify them before you delete does they are actually loading in chrome or showing connection errors again.

Bookmark Sentry's  report on bad and duplicate links in Chrome bookmarks

You can safely delete duplicate bookmark shown for each one that found.This extension does lacks bulk deletion of duplicate bookmarks as well option to remove number of bookmarks with same connection errors.

Install Bookmark Sentry extension for Chrome