We’re already covered how to block websites in Google Chrome, let us take a look at how we can block websites in Opera. We can use Content Blocking in Opera to block all unwanted websites such as social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.. which your kids spend more time on.

To block a website in Opera

  • Open Opera browser, from Menu button, click Settings >Preferences or you can directly use Ctrl+F12 to bring up Preferences
  • Select Advanced tab > Content, under ‘Preferences’, click ‘Blocked Content’

blocking websites in Opera

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  •  Click ‘Add’ button and enter website address you want to block in Opera.

list of blocked websites in Opera

  • Click Close, all website addresses you’ve added will be visible under ‘All blocked site’s. You can delete these websites from blocked sites list whenever you want by selecting a website and clicking ‘Delete’ button.
  • When you try to open a website that was added to Blocked Content, Opera shows web Address blocked message and offers instructions to unblock it.

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Update:  This article applies to Opera 12.x and earlier versions only.