Security vendors always develop special uninstall/removal  tools for their security products keeping in mind that there may be problems faced by users during uninstall of antivirus programs. There will be two uses of these uninstall tools one, tool helps in uninstalling software two, tool completely removes antivirus including registry entries and other stuff that left behind when we use traditional install method.

If you are facing problems in uninstalling  BitDefender Antivirus from your Computer, you can use BitDefender Uninstall tool to completely remove BitDefender antivirus from your computer.

BitDefender Uninstall Tool

Using  BitDefender Uninstall  tool

1.Download and run BitDefender Uninstall tool.

2.BitDefender Uninstall tool automatically detects and shows BitDefender product installed in your Computer.

3.Click Uninstall button, tool stops all BitDefender related services,uninstalls BitDefender and removes relative registry entries of product.

4.Restart your Computer when tool prompts to complete uninstall.

BitDefender Uninstall tool is free to use, works for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download BitDefender Uninstall tool