If you are about to visit your bank website online thinking about does your Computer infected, antivirus software installed in your Computer may takes a while to scan and show the scan results,unlike other online virus scanners that downloads signatures updates and their antivirus engines to scan your Computer, BitDefender QuickScan quickly scans your computer for active malware in your Computer and shows active threats if found.

BitDefender QuickScan

You can visit BitDefender QuickScan website and initiate a scan, as per BitDefender the scan will take less than 60 seconds to find active viruses in memory .

BitDefender QuickScan combines intelligent local scanning and in-the-cloud scanning to detect e-threats in the memory.QuickScan supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

BitDefender QuickScan features

Detects running malware very fast (usually in less than 30 seconds)

Detects keyloggers and rootkits.

Runs online from any internet connected PC.

Doesn’t slow down your PC ,most of operations are performed remotely on BitDefender Servers.

Based on award winning BitDefender Anti-malware technologies.

No need to install software,no need to update virus signatures and no need to do any configuration tasks.

BitDefender QuickScan is available as extension for Firefox and Google Chrome.