Have you tested any opera extensions for Opera 11 alpha now, you can try now .Are you wondering we can install,disable and uninstall Opera extensions then what about update of Opera extensions does they auto-update or should we update them manually,Opera has answers for these type questions with evolution of extensions.

Currently there are 15 extensions, you can try them from Opera extensions site .

Does too many extensions affect Opera’s performance

Though Opera lacked extensions support till now but did give tough competition to Chrome when coming to speed factor.Does installing too many extensions hinders Opera performance.

Performance is and always has been a major focus for Opera. We will do our best to make sure the quality and performance of the extensions mechanism is as high as possible. Adding new extensions usually leaves a very small memory footprint, but the size really dependents on the craftsmanship of the developer and the task at hand.

As all extensions are reviewed before they are approved in our repository, we might point out some optimization suggestions before we publish the extensions. This helps developers improve their extensions and it helps us have a high level of quality.

We do have a few tricks to make sure we deliver the best possible experience to our users even with loads of extensions. Our take on DOM-handling is a bit different from our competitors. In our implementation, only one DOM is maintained per tab, which is shared without duplication in memory. This allows us to have multiple scripting environments, and not need multiple DOM environments. The result is a dramatic reduction in memory consumption when running multiple extensions.

Are Opera extensions secure?can they track users activities ? what user data does Opera extensions have access to and store?

By installing a extension you trust the developer and his work. All extensions posted in the repository are checked so they don’t contain any harmful code or any tracking without the users consent. In the alpha extensions are not allowed to read from secure HTTPS tabs, although we are looking into how we can allow this without compromising security in the future. In the end there are no guarantees when you install third-party extensions.

Does Opera extensions update themselves automatically?

We do have some plans for the future of extensions in Opera. The most important thing is of course the auto-update system we will introduce in the beta stages of Opera 11. You should not "download" extensions, you should subscribe to them. After subscribing your extensions will by default update automatically without any actions required from you. If for some reason you like doing this manually we will have a option for that to.