Few days back Google introduced Gmail Checklist which helps to keep your Gmail account secure,today Google added AdSense Checklist to their U.S Help Center.All AdSense publishers can access AdSense Checklist which appears on the left navigation bar of Help Center.

AdSense checklist menu

According to AdSense blog post AdSense  checklist is divided into five parts,offers basic recommendations,requires steps,and tips to help you grow your accounts to its full potential.If you clicked an item progress bar will be updated.

AdSense Checklist

The importance of AdSense Checklist “ If you’re new to AdSense you’ll  get clear overview of what steps to make most of your account .If you’re already an experience publisher ,you’ll also have the chance to revisit the basics and further develop use of your program.”

The progress bar can help you identify quickly how many of recommended steps you’ve completed , and the checklist will suggest which step you can take next.

You can find AdSense Checklist on Google AdSense Help Center,but I haven’t found it there.