We’ve covered multiple apps installers like Ninite ,AllmyApps,Smart Installer Pack,ZeuApp and FreeApps .These are real handy apps helpful in installing much needed apps at once for us after reinstalling windows.How about installing multiple add-ons at once for Firefox browser, that’s more than handy. AddonFox installs best Firefox add-ons,includes over hundred hand picked ones from various categories at once.

All you need to do is download and install AddonFox add-on.Choose the add-ons shown by Add-ons install wizard.There over hundred add-ons, so choose your favorite add-ons, at the end click Finish.

install multiple firefox add-ons at once with AddonFox

AddonFox automatically installs user selected add-ons at once, a single restart of browser is required to complete the installation of these add-ons.

AddonFox  -multiaddon installer for Firefox

AddonFox offers the best add-ons from categories Downloads,Fun, Languages, Media, programming, Security, Privacy, Social, and Visual.

AddonFox main features

    • Multiple add-ons  are installed automatically according to your choice.
    • Each add-on is accompanied by concise description and a link for more information
    • You can personalize AddonFox by adding or removing add-ons after initial installation
    • Many add-ons are configurable for a better user experience.

AddonFox homepage.

Install AddonFox from Mozilla Add-ons gallery     [Thanks to Gizmo Freeware for finding this productive add-on].