Xmarks alternatives

Already you may have heard about Xmarks bookmarks syncing service shutdown,Xmarks syncs passwords,open tabs across all devices apart from bookmarks. XMarks bookmarking add-on available till now for IE,Firefox ,Safari and Google Chrome, let us take look at the alternatives for Xmarks currently available .

You can backup your Bookmarks stored in your Xmarks account by logging in here.

Xmarks alternatives

Firefox Sync : Firefox Sync also known as Mozilla Weave available as add-on for Firefox 3.6 version which synchronizes browser settings,bookmarks and passwords .

If you are using latest version of Firefox 4 Beta then Firefox Sync feature already available built-in.

Google Chrome Sync: Google Chrome synchronizes all your browsing data includes AutoFill, bookmarks,extensions,themes,preferences0 to your Google account when you setup sync in another computer by signing into your Google account this data will be saved to the Google Chrome browser on that machine.

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Windows Live Essentials :With Windows Live Sync beta you can able to synchronize IE favorites and Microsoft Office settings across all computers.You can install Windows live essentials (includes live sync) from here.

Sync is disabled by default, you can turn on sync by typing>sync in search box >Windows Live Sync Beta.

Under program settings >click turn on Syncing either for IE or MS Office or for both.

Xmarks sync service will shutdown on January 10,2011.You can read more details about Xmarks shutdown in Xmarks blog.