We’ve already covered about Free Nitro PDF Reader ,which allows to create and manipulate PDF files, if you’ve installed this PDF Reader on your computer, when the app is open, you can notice NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe running in the task manager — Windows 10 TM shows this process as ‘Nitro PDF Spool Service’– but the sad part on users side is this process and related service runs even when Nitro Reader was not in use, let us see why this process is running even though Program is closed and see how to disable it.

NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe process running in the task manager

You can end this process for that session, but when you restart your system, this process automatically starts running.


NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe process runs for Nitro PDF Creator of Nitro PDF Reader, which helps to print to a PDF file from any application. So this process should not be permanently disabled.

Disabling NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe process

But you can set this process to run whenever need to print PDF files by setting  NitroPDFReaderDriverCreatorReadSpool to run at Startup as “Manual” under Services, for that

disabling NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe process

  1. Open Windows services console
  2. Find NitroReaderDriverReadSpool5 service, double click on it to open its properties dialog, stop and set its startup type to manual.

After setting above said service startup type to manual, restart your computer and NitroPDFReaderDriverService.exe doesn’t appaear again to you in in Task Manager.

Moreover this process has never appeared again to us even when Nitro PDF Reader is running, we tried to print PDF file using Nitro PDF Creator (Reader) and everything went fine.

Note: This article has been last updated on June 8th, 2016.