As 3 million businesses have gone Google,Google today launched two-step verification for Google Apps users which offers more security to smaller and large organizations, two-step verification security feature currently freely available to Google Apps users and in future this will be offered to all Google users as well.

two-step verification for Google Accounts to sign in

Two -Step verification is easy to set up,manage and use .When this feature is enabled by administrator which makes two type of identification to sign into a Google Apps account, one requires password and other one is mobile phone.

If you enter a password a verification code is sent to your mobile phone via SMS,voice calls or generated on an application you can install on your android,BlackBerry, or iPhone device .

This makes much more harder for hacker to steal your Google account apart from knowing password.User can also indicate when using a Computer which he trusts and don’t want to be asked for verification code from that machine in the future.

Via[ Google enterprise blog and Google blog]