Michael @abcdefghijklmnopqrstuyzabcedefghijk.com what is this yes this is an email address but  it still short when compared to World‘s longest alphabetical email address provided by this site .The world’s longest alphabetical email address with 6MB storage now offered to you as free are you interested.

The World's longest email address

The  longest Email address is so long that

  • Web forms don’t accept your email address .
  • You can not configure email client software like outlook with this email address.
  • People have hard time typing this email address
  • Companies think your email address is fake and fraudulent.
  • The longest and only email address that fails you on above scenarios  and that too its free.

World’s Longest Email address features

  • 6.0 MB storage capacity  (stores 6,000 messages)
  • Webmail online interface
  • The longest email address in the whole world.

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