Branded new PCs comes with unwanted pre-installed software like trial versions, unnecessary toolbars, SlimComputer removes these pre-installed software from your new computer and optimizes its performance and improves speed.


SlimComputer will scan for unneeded applications, toolbars, startup items and shortcuts in your new PC and in real time assess which toolbars, applications and startup items to be removed based on community feedback using cloud technology.

Optimizer in SlimComputer for your new PC  automatically suggests programs to be removed from startup based on community feedback.

Uninstaller will shows the list of programs installed in your Computer and shows ratings for them such as Good, Unrated and Optional. User can select programs on optional rating and can remove them.

Windows Tools will contains the management tools built on  Windows to show the system information and other information.

Restore in SlimComputer allows to undo all changes done to PC with single click.

SlimComputer is freeware and still in Beta support windows XP/Vista/7.

Download SlimComputer.