In fact, there are no built-in shortcuts available in any Windows Operating System to eject or close CD/DVD drive door, but there are free and commercial apps available on the internet for the same, some of them are even portable, create shortcuts to eject and close CD/DVD drive door and tray. Let us take a look at free apps making our job easier to close and eject CD drive door by creating those productive shortcuts.

These shortcuts do avoid the need to press the button on the CD/DVD drive whenever we need to eject and close the drive and also all users may know eject tray from right click menu of CD drive using the Eject command.

Shortcuts to eject and close CD/DVD drive door and tray

#1 . DiskTray

DiskTray application closes and ejects CD/DVD drive tray without the need of CD/DVD drive eject button.


You don’t even need to open DiskTray application to eject or close drive tray and door, after installing this app, it automatically creates shortcuts on desktop separately to eject and close the drive tray.

All you need to do is install this application. This app requires .Net framework 4.0 to be installed on your Computer to work. User don’t need to configure or set up anything in program window, just use the shortcuts created on the desktop, so easy.

Download DiskTray

#2. NirCmd

NirCmd is a small portable command-line utility allows us to create shortcuts to eject and close CD/DVD drive.

Download and run NirCmd executable and click “Copy To Windows Directory “ so that we don’t need to specify the full path of NirCmd while creating the shortcut.

Now create shortcut by browsing for New>Shortcut and enter nircmd.exe cdrom open j: where J is the CD/DVD drive letter, name the shortcut as eject drive or whatever.

Now run the nircmdc executable and again create shortcut for closing the drive using nircmd.exe cdrom close J: , name this shortcut as Close drive or whatever you like.

That’s it, shortcuts created to eject and close CD/DVD drive.

Download NirCmd

I tried both, both apps created shortcuts and they worked like charm. These shortcuts will be especially useful when you checking your CD collection and also burning multiple CD/DVDs.

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