This is amazing simply choose brush color and draw a sketch and click search in Sepham Search By Drawing program window and this free application will search and shows the photos in particular color to sketch.

search photos in your Computer by drawing with Sepham SearchByDrwaing

Using Sepham Search By Drawing

1.Download and install the program.

2.Select the brush color and draw a picture similar to photo you are looking for on top left white area in program window.

3.By default this program selects user’s documents folder to search for photos.Users can also select desired folders where photos exists from second pane in program window.

4.After setting all options like files size limit,location ,etc click search and Sepham SearchByDrawing will do the rest.


Sepham Search By Drawing is freeware and works with all windows.This program requires .Net Framework 3.5 to be installed in your Computer.

Download Sepham  Search By Drawing