RickRemoval add-on prevents Rickroll videos from playing in YouTube

RickRolling is an internet phenomenon from amusing to frustratingly annoying stage where a friend gives link for some promising video for user which in turn takes user to Astely’s Never Gonna Give You Up video page, this makes user to feel uncomfortable and confused RickRemoval add-on auto detects RickRolling videos and prevents them from loading in Firefox.

After installing this extension, you can click link to Never Gonna Give You Up (to check this add-on actually works or not) then this add-on warns you are getting rickrolled, and also offers to visit the video at user’s wish by clicking OK, clicking Cancel will stop the page from loading the video.

stop rickrolling videos in YouTube with RickRemoval Firefox add-on

RickRemoval provides user with two levels of protection

  • First every site you visit is matched against a database of 200 +known rickroll pages.
  • The second level of protection is applied to all YouTube videos, the entire page is searched for suspicious keywords and RickRemoval prevents it from loading if it finds too many warning signs.

This add-on developer homepage  says “with RickRemoval’s Comprehensive blacklist and heuristic analysis make it all but impossible for you ever to be rickrolled again”.

Install RickRemoval add-on for Firefox  (Via)