When you visit sites like Gmail and other SSL encrypted sites in Google Chrome, while browsing to the pages in that site, you may land on a page with red skull, crossbones icon being shown with https being crossed out by browser next to URL in the address bar. That icon does scare you in a meaning that some thing wrong with your system/browser, if you are wondering what the skull icon about? Here is why Google Chrome shows skull and crossbones icon on https sites and its meaning.

red skull,crossbones icon in google chrome's address bar

Google redesigned new warning icons to be shown for SSL encrypted pages in Chrome and these icons will be shown next to address bar when some resources of the pages are not loaded securely, this red skull and crossbones icon indicates that meaning.

skull,crossbones icon shown on https sites in Google Chrome

Shield Icon on Chrome’s Omnibox Shows “ This Page has insecure content”

User don’t need to worry about this, he/she can know more information by clicking skull icon, which then pops up information about that page like identity of that website, connection encrypted or not and user’s visit history to that site.

Here is brief description of these icons according to Google Chrome help

  • If Google Chrome detects that  the website securely transmits data in encrypted form using SSL, you see green lock icon next to the web address in address bar.Click the icon to get specific details about the website’s identity , connection and your visit history.
  • If the site contains insecure content,  you’ll see the white lock icon with cross
  • In case where the site’s certificate is unsigned or invalid you will see red skull,crossbones icon.

This is just a new way of getting attention from user that some resources of pages are not loaded securely.