Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters only to share the updates and the web interface of twitter also won’t allows us to post and view photos, twitter users are also couldn’t watch videos right in,we can’t able to preview content behind original URLs in tweets.. hang on do you want these features in Web interface of twitter here you go Power Twitter extension adds these features to twitter for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

Power Twitter extension

Power Twitter allows user to see and post photos,watch videos, shorten URLs and see the content behind them on

Power Twitter adds features to the twitter web interface including

  • Inline YouTube, Flicker, TwitPic, Google Maps,, and all sorts of playable/viewable media
  • Link expansion and link translation to page titles
  • Search scoped to a specific user
  • Custom settings and @mentions of friends on profile pages
  • Photo uploading and link sharing
  • #dailyquestion, #moods

Power Twitter currently overlays on website.Power Twitter uses your username and other information on twitter website to build user’s settings profile.This service also monitors link clicks and search queries in order to build up anonymous aggregate trends.

Once you install Power Twitter, you can experience enhanced twitter features right in powered by Power Twitter.

At the bottom of the twitter page you can observe power twitter’s  username link and settings .At any time twitter user can able to turn off or enable Power Twitter under it’s settings. Authenticating Power Twitter with your twitter account yields more power to Power Twitter and this will allow Power Twitter to add more features.

Power Twitter available as extension for Firefox ,Google Chrome and Safari.