All of a sudden McAfee wanted to get into URL shortener service,yesterday McAfee launched beta version of URL shortening service and boasts it allows to create Secure short URLs. uses McAfee’s Global threat intelligence,when user create short URLs, this service checks these original links to their databases for malicious,spammy and dangerous sites prior to being shown to users.

create safe short URLs with

In user can create shorten URL  for any site, but when users clicks on shortened link

  • if site is dangerous (Red ) this service blocks user from without typing long URL,
  • if the site is suspicious (Yellow) this service warns the user but allows a click .
  • If the sites are safe (Green) then they will be displayed straight away.

security rating shown by for page

If user clicks the shortened link it will be expanded and shown in browser with a frame on top of the page, this frame will be shown with indication about security status of page user can remove frame by clicking Remove frame. (via)

Do you think this URL shortener from McAfee is useful and does we need yet another URL shortener? share with us in comments.

Update :McAfee Secure URL Shortner Chrome extension available.