If you are Opera user you might be disappointed that Google Instant not supported in Opera browser, Google Instant currently works in latest versions of Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer only.Don’t worry here is a workaround for you to make Google Instant to work in Opera.

make Google Instant to  work in Opera

Making Google Instant to work in Opera

1.If Google Instant rolled out to your country(US,UK,France,German,Italy,Spain and Russia) visit Google.com straight away in Opera if not

Visit http://www.google.com/webhp?sclient=psy in Opera browser.

2.Right click on Google.com page ,click Edit Site Preferences, hit Network tab choose “Identify as Firefox “ for Browser Identification and click Ok to save changes.

making Google Instant work in Opera by disguising Opera as Firefox

3.Now you can taste Google Instant search feature.

If you don’t like Google Instant search read how to turn it off.

The below video created actually to show Google doodles animation buzz it’s  now working for Opera to make Google Instant work.