Do you remember Safari Reader introduced in Safari 5, allows to read online articles in clutter free view without any distractions like menus, ads and other stuff with Safari Reader you can view and read only text in article, iReader extension available for Chrome and Firefox just does  that.

iReader similar to Safari Reader

We already covered how to bring Safari reader kind of feature to Chrome and Firefox  iReader adds as an yet another extension to bring that feature.

iReader auto detects the article in webpage and shows iReader icon on Omnibox in Chrome and on Address bar in Firefox.User can enable and use the hotkey from iReader options.

Ctrl+Shift+P is the hotkey for iReader in Chrome.

Ctrl+Shift+I is the hotkey for iReader in Firefox.

Clicking iReader icon or using hotkey will open the article in iReader in clutter free view, you can enjoy reading without any distractions.To close the iReader click the iReader icon or use the hotkey.

Install iReader extension for Chrome and Firefox.