Google Chrome automatically installs update for Chrome, Firefox allows to check for updates from Help menu, but we can’t find option to check for updates in Safari preferences, is there is a way to check for updates for Safari browwser in Windows, and to install them? Yes, here how that can be done.

Along with Safari, Apple software update will also be installed into user’s Computer which actually by default configured to check updates for Apple Software such as Safari, iTunes and QuickTime for weekly once.

So Apple software update checks for updates for Safari weekly once, and shows if any updates available to the user to download and install.

checking updates for Safari in Windows

Manually checking for updates for Safari

You can manually check for updates for Safari whenever you want by running Apple Software Update application located in “C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update” directory.

But unfortunately, Apple Software Update couldn’t download and install safari update as it supposed to do, so having known new version of Safari released, just go to Safari page and download and install latest version of Safari.

You can always configure Apple Software Update to check for Updates for daily from Edit, Preferences and selecting ‘Daily’ in ‘Schedule’ tab.