Unlike Google Chrome Chromium doesn’t update it self automatically, we need to manually download and install latest Chromium build. But Chromium Updater makes it easy to avoid manual update process and it automatically checks and updates Chromium to latest build version.

Update Chromium to latest version with Chromium Updater

Chromium Updater is free application which helps to keep Chromium installation up to date. This application downloads and installs new versions automatically, no user interaction is required.

Chromium updater supports Continuous and Snapshot builds only.User can always configure and set up which “Channel Source”   should  Chromium updater use and User can also select “Update Interval” i.e how often should updates be applied from the program settings.

As Google Chrome has native support for Flash and PDF documents with built-in Flash player and PDF Viewer plugins, Chromium doesn’t have these plugins.

Chromium Updater Settings

IF you are using Google Chrome then you can use these plugins for Chromium by selecting “Use Chrome Flash Plugin” and “Use Chrome PDF Plugin” in Chromium Updater settings.

Chromium Updater works in Windows XP/Vista /7 , requires. Net framework 3.5 to be installed in your Computer.

Download Chromium Updater

Update: Chromium Updater is no longer available for download, instead you can try to download Chromium from this site maintained by Chromium team. For more details, read Download Chromium The Easiest Way.