Finally I got Priority inbox in Gmail today, check your Gmail you may also have that feature available by now if not will be rolled out to you sooner. Priority inbox will not be activated by default you need to activate it, let us take a look how to active priority inbox in Gmail.

Activating Priority Inbox in Gmail

1.If this feature available to you, you will see “ New Priority inbox “ link at the top right corner of  Gmail account or it will be shown in Gmail settings as New Priority inbox tab.

      activating priority inbox in Gmail

2.Click that link will popup window about priority inbox with video how it works and “ Try it now” and “No thanks “ buttons.

Priority inbox brief summary and video

3.Clicking “ No Thanks” will make no changes to  your Gmail inbox but that link will always appears on top of your account until you activate it.

4.Clicking “Try it  now”  will show  “getting started with priority inbox beta” window having important and not important messages automatically picked up by Priority inbox.

getting started with priority inbox

5. If you don’t want a particular message to appear in Priority inbox click – sign to make it  as not important and it will be noted as not important, similarly you can mark not important messages as important by clicking + button.

6.After all set click “ That looks right , Go to Priority inbox”, Priority inbox in Gmail will be activated.

One another good thing does Priority inbox does it automatically marks subscribed emails to websites called as “bologna” as not important this is one way to filter out this stuff automatically where we can always read them later.

Read Gmail team message on Priority inbox and use it to get most of it.

Have you got priority inbox, do you like it? share with us in comments.