Firefox Panorama aka Tab Candy allows to group your tabs and manage them, user can group tabs by clicking Panorama button placed on right side corner of window almost below close button, if you want you can place Panorama button where ever you want on  the left side of navigation bar or on tabs bar or on bookmarks toolbar, even you can hide Firefox Panorama button.

hide Firefox Panorama button

Hiding Panorama button in Firefox

1.To hide Panorama button , Press Alt to bring up File menu

2. From View>Toolbars>Customize now drag and drop Firefox Panorama button to the Customize toolbar window

3.Click ” Done” to save changes, Panorama button will no longer appear in Firefox.

But you can still group tabs by using shortcut Ctrl+Spacebar, or  from View menu by clicking “Group your Tabs”.

We just hided the panorama button this doesn’t affect panorama or Firefox functionality.

place Panorama button on the navigation toolbar

Place Panorama button anywhere in navigation toolbar or on Bookmarks toolbar or on tabs bar

  • All you  need to do follow steps above from 1 to 3
  • Now drag and drop Panorama button to anywhere you want.
  • Click Done to save changes.

To restore default toolbar settings From View>Toolbars>Customize click “ Restore Default Settings” button.