Google launched labs feature called Google Scribe which provides autocomplete suggestions as you type, users can use this service while composing emails, in chats and even in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to autocomplete phrases you want to type.

get autocomplete suggestions as you type with Google Scribe

Google Scribe offers text completion service sounds similar to autofill, from what user has already typed in document Google Scribe provides related word or phrase completion suggestions.

Google Scribe not only saves keystrokes but also its suggestions are correct or popular phrases to use.

Using Google Scribe Labs application

Just visit Google Scribe labs page and try the test completion service using autocomplete suggestions.User can able to choose suggestion by pressing enter,  which can be changed to “on demand “ by selecting tab option in the toolbar.

Google Scribe keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Shift+J to toggle between “always” and “on demand”
  • Ctrl+J to enable or disable Google Scribe.
  • Enter or 1 to choose top suggestion
  • Esc to hide suggestion menu

using Google scirbe to type text in twitter

Productively using Google Scribe

You can use Google Scribe any where Google Scirbe bookmarklet makes it possible.Just click the bookmarklet on bookmarks toolbar whenever you want to have autocomplete suggestions like in Gmail or in may other email services and in G-talk and other chat messengers, even more use it on twitter to enter popular phrases automatically .

using Google scribe to compose messages in email

For more fun you can try Google Scribe in Google homepage Google Scribe  shows autocomplete suggestions side by side with Google .

Google Scribe Bookmarklet ( drag to bookmarks bar and ctrl+J to disable and enable Google Scribe).

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