We already covered about Google labs application Google Scribe gives auto complete suggestions as you type, Google Scribe bookmarklet makes it easy to use this service any where on the web, Google Scribe (Labs) Google Chrome extension enables Google Scribe feature available at labs to use in all web pages and applications .

Google Scribe (Labs) Google Chrome extension

Google Scribe offers text completion service which you can use in email messages and even in social networking sites like twitter to auto complete popular phrases.

When you use this extension your browser will send query to Google to see if there are any suggestions available for the document you are writing.

After installing this extension you can activate this Google Scribe service in Google Chrome by using Ctrl +J wait this is built-in shortcut in Google Chrome to open downloads page.

Anyway Google Scribe bookmarklet is working fine in Google Chrome with Ctrl +J shortcut , you can always enable or disable Google Scribe using Ctrl+J shortcut through by using bookmarklet.

However visit Google Scribe(Labs)  extension page any update will be posted like shortcut may be changed like that.

The screenshot provided above taken in Google Chrome with use of Google Scribe bookmarklet.