We already covered about Game Booster which turns off unnecessary services and helps users to run games at peak performance here is Game Fire yet another PC Games accelerator utility enables user to enjoy favorite modern PC games by transforming his personal computer into powerful gaming machine with turning on Gaming mode.

Game Fire optimizes PC for gaming needs

Game Fire does the following things

  • Turns off unneeded background windows features
  • Defrags system memory.
  • Optimizes unneeded scheduled tasks
  • Closes unnecessary running processes
  • Defrags gaming files

All user need to do is click “Turn on Gaming mode” and Game Fire will turns off windows unnecessary services and features.

Game Fire is safe utility to use, turning off Gaming mode will undo the changes and Game Fire restores the system to earlier state, if even user don’t turns off Gaming mode system will be restored to normal state in the next startup.

Game Fire is freeware, still in initial beta, requires .Net framework 3.5 SP1  to be installed in your Computer.

Game Fire works in Windows X/Vista/7.

Download Game Fire