Though Firefox Panorama shows overview of all tabs opened in Firefox, but if you have opened lot of tabs and created various related groups then in fact finding the tabs also not easy  in Panorama either but with Firefox Panorama search user can able to easily type tab name and that if that tab exist in any group will be highlighted and shown in Panorama.

finding the tabs in panorama easily with Firefox Panorama Search

If you are using latest Firefox 4 nightly build you can find Panorama search button by using Ctrl+space or clicking Panorama button in Firefox.

Firefox panorama search button

Actually you will not observe this search button which is hidden behind “ How to organize your tabs” video frame, you can drag that frame aside and click search button to expand Firefox panorama search box.

Firefox Panorama will also likely to get toggle button apart from search button to make users to easily get out of Panorama.

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