Google Chrome is the most liked browser by lot of folks now, reason for speed,minimalistic user interface and also for many more reasons, Firefox also seems to follow Chrome’s way. Pre release version of Firefox 4 Beta 7 got new way of checking for updates similar to Google Chrome.

Firefox 4 check for updates inside about window

When you open latest Firefox 4 nightly build, from Firefox button click Help Menu and then clicking “About Minefield” will open about Window and spinner will be shown checking for updates, much similar to Google Chrome (as we used to manually check for updates by clicking About Google Chrome),see the impact of Google Chrome on Firefox here.

Google Chrome checking for updates

No user interaction is required to click Check for Updates button with this feature in Firefox 4 much like we used to do in latest Stable version of Firefox 3.6.10, Firefox 4 will automatically check for updates and shows if update available when we click about Firefox.

This feature will be available in upcoming Firefox 4 Beta 7.