Popular Anti-virus company AVG announced AVG Threat Labs website which provides report of detailed safety analysis and trustworthy status of site using their LinkScanner technology.

AVG Threats labs provides free site reports

Here is what is AVG Threat labs for “ AVG Threat Labs is powerful and innovative website that merges the quantitative web threat detection AVG routinely collects from our user base more than 100 million individuals (through a nifty tool called LinkScanner)  with Consumer feedback  or as we like to call it reputational data”

AVG Blog post mentions that “ when a user submits URL directly into the  Threat Labs search box , the website is analyzed on the basis on real-time immediate scan as well as information aggregated from AVG LinkScanner’s threat detections of the web and its reputational data”.

AVG SiteReport -site analysis and safety report from AVG Threat Labs

With AVG Threat labs users can able to submit website URL and get instant report on site’s trustworthiness.

After user submits the URL AVG Threat labs will scan and produces last 30-days report on the site with details such as

  • Site popularity (Popular , very popular,Top Ste)
  • Location of site’s server
  • The number of threats and compromised web pages found on site.

AVG Threat Labs shows analytics for site in four categories

Details : Provides all threats detected on the site and last threat activity date.

Timeline: Shows all threats detected on the site over 30-day span .

Linked Sites: Shows graphical representation of  all sites linking to the site as well as sites to which it self links.

Detection Map: Shows the percentage of users in each country detected the threats while surfing on this domain during last 30 days.

Link AVG Threat labs