Good news for Hotmail users: Microsoft is enhancing the security features for its email service as you can now add one of your PCs and Mobile number as account proofs, which helps in resetting hotmail account password. Till now, alternative email address and security question are two account proofs required to reset your windows live account password.

Add your PC and mobile phone number as account proofs to reset Hotmail account password

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Its hard for anyone to remember security questions answered by them, so to make your account more secure and recoverable, you can now add your Cell phone number and your PC as trusted one.

This is what Microsoft blog says about two new account recovery features

“Today we are introducing two news kinds of proofs for account recovery.

  • “Trusted PC “ is a unique new proof that lets you link your hotmail account with one or more of your Personal Computers .Then, if you ever need to regain control of your account by resetting your Password, you simply need to be using your Computer and we will know you are the legitimate owner.
  • The second new proof option is your cell phone number, where hotmail will send a secret code via SMS that can be used to reset your password and reclaim your account. “

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So overall, there are now four ways you can recover your hotmail  account by resetting password through

  • Alternate email address
  • security question
  • Trusted PC
  • your Mobile phone number           [Via]