All users tend to install and uninstall programs frequently as a result some shortcuts still remain on start menu and on desktop which no longer valid and points to nothing they are broken, these broken shortcuts can be added clutter though we can  remove them manually to make our life easier and automated there are free applications specially developed to remove broken shortcuts from your Computer.


Lot of PC users till now may have heard and used Nirsoft applications, ShortcutsMan portable  tool from NirSoft with simple user interface automatically displays all shortcuts on the start menu and on the desktop and broken shortcuts are highlighted with pink color.

shortcutsman removes broken shortcuts from your Computer

User can able to select the broken shortcuts and remove them easily.Broken shortcuts are highlighted with pink color with found result shown “Yes” in  Broken Shortcuts column in user interface.


OrphansRemover scans for broken shortcuts on start menu, desktop,favorites ,history, recent documents by default and shows orphaned or broken shortcuts if found.User can remove them by clicking “Delete Orphans” button on OrphansRemover program window.

find and remove broken shortcuts with OrphansRemover

This program also allows to user to define a folder to find broken shortcuts.This program worked much better than ShortcutsMan and shown 2 more broken shortcuts that doesn’t find by ShortcutsMan.

#Link Check Wizard

Link Check Wizard portable tool automatically scours for all drives for broken links and shows the broken shortcuts if any found.

delete invalid shortcuts with Link Check Wizard

User can able to select and delete them.Though this is very old application still worked in Windows 7.

#Start Menu Cleaner

Start Menu Cleaner free portable application apart from finding broken shortcuts also finds and shows empty folders remained on the start menu.

remove dead links with start menu cleaner

We have already covered about this application .This application requires MSVBVM50.DLL and OLEAUT32.DLL files you can download and copy them to Windows\System folder.